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Bachelorette Party Photo Booth: The perfect photo booth

From the glamorous outfits, fun activities, and spending time with your girls, your private bachelorette party has many important factors to making it perfect, but, throughout anything you do that night, there is one constant… pictures! You know you spend much of your night taking selfies or catching those hilarious moments of your girlfriends and posting them to your social media (and why shouldn’t you, you look hot!). But what if you could easily print them instantly into high quality photos that you and girls can keep forever? You can! With Instabooth’s hashtag printer, You can to take those selfies to a new level and elevate your bachelorette party from awesome to #perfect, and here’s just a few ways how:

A fun activity with zero hassle~

You are probably already exhausted from all the planning of your wedding, and your bachelorette party is all about fun! Well, you and your girls will have a blast being able to print every single picture taken that night, and you have very little to plan, since booking the printer is incredibly simple, and zero to worry about that night, since a member of our incredible team is part of the deal! Our bubbly and fun staff will fit right in with the atmosphere, as does our sleek printer. The staff will not only take care of everything in helping with any questions about using the hashtag printer, but, more often than not, become part of the fun!

Lasting memories~

When you get married, you want the proofs of every single memory, and that doesn’t just mean your wedding day! All too often, your bachelorette party photos can get lost in the shuffle. Maybe your friend accidentally deletes that great picture you wanted off her phone, or you just never get around to printing that pic you promised to mail your friend who came into town. (in fairness, you do have a honeymoon to enjoy!) The hashtag printer alleviates all of that, and doesn’t let your lifetime memories from your bachelorette party become only that!  

Unique sharing~

Whether you and your girls plan on tweeting and posting on Instagram all night, or you would rather keep it just between the girls with WhatsApp, the hashtag printer gives you a unique way to connect with your closest girlfriends during your important life event. Not only will you have these lasting memories, but you can even create a perfect bachelorette parting gift! Just pre-make frames customized to your guests, then put your favorite print from the hashtag printer that night in the frame right then and there, and make the perfect and unique parting gift!

So get ready to take as many selfies as you want, capture every moment of this important time with your girls, and create your #perfect bachelorette party! Instabooth is happy to help you do all of that, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn all about the hashtag printer and how you can have it for your private bachelorette party!





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