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Cape union mart giftsandgadgetsforall media launch

Cape Union Mart Media-Day

The open sea, an ocean breeze and flapping sails. That was the setting as the Cape Royal Yacht Club hosted South Africa’s favourite outdoor store. Cape Union Mart called in the media to showcase their new products in time for the upcoming festive season. If the excitement over the new GoPros is anything to go by, the media-day was a resounding success. How could it not be with Expresso’s celebrated Graeme Richards keeping the selected crowd of VIP media personalities both attentive and besides themselves with mirth?

BrandRocket was also there, witnessing the event and sharing it with the rest of the world. The MiniRocket was launching all the Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp uploads from cyberspace into the hands of the attendees. BrandRocket is a leading pioneer in the field of social media marketing and hashtag printing, and the very first and only in the world to incorporate WhatsApp. The attendees simply had to use the Cape Union Mart hashtag of the day to retrieve their branded, trendy, mini-polaroid print-outs from the MiniRocket which was ready to launch them out just as quickly as they could upload them.

The hashtag for the day was #giftsandgadgetsforall, and true to their word, Cape Union Mart had gifts and gadgets for everyone. Some of the more enthusiastic attendees; and indeed capable, went as far as standing on their hands and doing one-handed push-ups to win some of the trendier products they had on show. Some of these included the new Suunto Fitness Tracker Watches, the Limited Edition KWay jacket with floral print and the cutting edge GoPros boasting some of the most modern technology yet.

Among the guests present to witness the occasion was the Food and Managing Editor for Women’s Health; Amy Hopper, who had smiles enough to warm the place and only good things to say. The rest of the evening went smoothly without a glitch, the MiniRocket’s sleek and beautiful design both standing out from and fitting in with the new Tech that filled the room.

It was indeed a win for Cape Union Mart, BrandRocket and all who attended. The night bodes well for the coming festive season.


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