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The MiniRocket photo booth to break barriers with Converse

With a history older than the Two World Wars, Converse has been making positive strides in society for longer than most actually know. From being marketed as the perfect non-skid shoe back in 1908 to becoming the envy and aspiration of every basketball player since Chuck Taylor, Converse has been making history for quite some time. This time Converse invited the miniRocket photo booth to break barriers with them.

The evening was all about honouring the icon himself, the theme of the night being “Forever Chuck”, as Converse were launching the new edition Chuck Taylors. The shoe proved to be a hit, and BrandRocket’s MiniRocket Photo-booth was there to help capture all the special moments of the propitious event. Bloggers and Media Elect were invited to relish in the history being made, and witness yet another Converse success. They were encouraged to share their experiences with the rest of the world using the hashtag #foreverchuck on Instagram and Twitter, the Mini-Rocket Photo-booth immediately and automatically picking up every picture uploaded with that hashtag. The uploader was then free to print as many high-quality, pocket-sized, polaroid photo copies of their upload as they liked.

BrandRocket are a leading pioneer in the Hashtag-printing and WhatsApp-printing industry. The Mini-Rocket Photo-booth allows patrons to print photos directly from their own cell-phones using Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp. BrandRocket is the first to introduce WhatsApp-printing into the world of events and photo-booths.

As if the next generation Chuck Taylors were not enough to impress the gathering, Office London Cape Town; the hosts, decided to show the sublime impact and barrier breaking application of the shoe. While in awe of the reworked timeless design, out saunters these dancers, with the grace of swans, as they performed a ballet piece, clad in none-other than a Converse Chuck Taylor shoe on one foot and a ballet performance shoe on the other. Their movements were seamless, an ode to the fluidity of the Converse shoe, breaking barriers once again.

Their gracefulness was exquisite, not missing a movement in their converse-aided dance. It was a sublime pleasure to witness such a beautiful event, and BrandRocket is glad to have been part of capturing the festivities.



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