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Fossil Watch Photo Printing


From the caveman’s cryptic wall symbols to Egyptian hieroglyphics, all the way to the selfie, mankind has always found it a pleasurable priority to capture the moments that define him. Now; more than ever, the seasons and years seem to be flying by, nostalgia proving to be one of the more sought-after of wistful pleasures. Call for the time-keepers to intervene and capture time and you have an epic setting, wherein a champion can arise, to halt the fleeting pace of life’s precious moments.

Enter Fossil, an aptly named powerhouse in the realm of time-keeping and time-pieces, and the call is answered.

Fossil took the poetic initiative to capture time and immortalize memories with their brand-new innovation, the Fossil Hybrid smart-watches. The new watches have a feature that allows them to take pictures through whichever Android or IOS cell-phone they are connected to, effectively extending the selfie arm to a length matched only by the user’s imagination.

Fossil then decided that they wanted South Africa to know about their great innovation in style. They invited the co;..olest social media influencers to the coolest spots in the country, The Secret Gin Bar in Cape Town and Pablo Eggs Go Bar in Johannesburg. But what’s a successful Brand Launch and party without BrandRocket? Fossil had BrandRocket within their ranks, the BrandRocket Mini-Rocket helping to display the prowess of the hybrid smart-watches to their fullest capacity, creating  spectacular display of the first ever Fossil Watch Photo Printing.

BrandRocket is a leader in the development of the Photo-booth, Hashtag-Printing and the first in the world to introduce WhatsApp-Printing, on a fully automated server. BrandRocket allows attendees at events to print branded, high-quality polaroid photographs directly from their cell-phones using their social medium of choice between Instagram, Twitter and WhatApp.

BrandRocket present, the cool kids talking, Fossil was ready to begin. Fossil called in the most popular social media influencers from both Cape Town and Johannesburg to let them try out their trendy hybrid watches, all equipped with the technology that allows them to take pictures using their button of choice on the watch. BrandRocket ensured that the social media influencers were snapping, hashtagging and printing. Social media being what they do, they needed little incentive to comply, but couldn’t be happier to receive their free polaroid photo with every upload carrying the hashtag #fossilfirsts. Fossil then upped the stakes by insisting that the best upload between the Cape Town and Johannesburg leg would win a Fossil Hybrid Smart-watch. Talk about incentives. BrandRocket kept up with the increased pace from the get go, printing as quickly as the uploads came in, defining once again what it means to be a pinnacle Photo-booth.

The social media lines were buzzing; needless to say, BrandRocket was key player in Fossil’s trending status on Instagram, with innumerable uploads coming in, all with the hopes of getting their free polaroid prints and winning the prize.

The event went smoothly, both the Cape Town and Johannesburg legs meeting and indeed exceeding Fossil’s expectations. BrandRocket is proud to have been part of such an initiative.

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