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The Instabooth photo booth

Fun & Easy Wedding Ideas: instabooth

When it comes to your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. You want your guests to enjoy themselves and you want everyone to have fun memories to look back on.

One sure way to capture memories is through photography. Most couples hire a wedding photographer to capture their ceremony, family shots and other important moments, but so many of the best shots come from the guests. 

In recent years, it’s become popular to create or hire a photo booth. It’s been a great way to have fun and take silly and memorable shots with guests and friends.

Social Media Changed Everything and created some new fun & easy wedding ideas.

Today’s couples are social media savvy and so are their wedding guests. Just about everyone has a smart phone and the cameras on their phones are often better than standalone cameras. For this reason, shots taken at weddings are often high-quality candid shots that are worthy of printing.

But how do you print your guest’s wedding shots? Too often, photos are taken and forgotten about. 

With Instabooth this isn’t a problem. Guests can shoot photos at your wedding and they can be printed out on the spot, its fun, its easy. This makes taking and keeping photos fun for everyone!

Sharing Your Photos

The process is simple: Create your own wedding hashtag and when guests post to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag your photos print on the spot. If you want your photos kept private, you and your guests can use WhatsApp. The choice is yours and gives you options that are user-friendly and fun!

Photos are printed on thick, high-quality paper and have a Polaroid-look border.

No need to hire an over-priced booth to capture photos of your party, this is a streamlined, cheap photo booth, a fun way to get all those shots from your big day. You’ll love it and so will your guests.

To learn more about Instabooth fun for your event, contact us today. 

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