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Giving Your Brand Power and Traction in the Marketplace

Instabooth provides brand power, social printing services via our mini hashtag printer . Our social printers promote user engagement with your brand and build a powerful image for your organization. Our solutions are both user-friendly and beautiful.

Instabooth printers feature an elegant, minimalist design that all your guests will want to try out. They are easy to transport to and from any event, take up very little space and don’t distract from your event’s décor or your promotional advertising.

In addition to helping your users hang onto fun memories, when you choose Instabooth, you’ve also created an image for your business that’s on trend.

Our hashtag kiosks are fun for your guests to use and you can rest assured you’ve launched a powerful marketing campaign without much hassle or expense. Modern consumers want to feel as though they have a relationship and a voice with their favorite brands. These kiosks instantly create connections.

Instabooth hashtag printers are good for all sorts of events like:

  • Weddings,
  • Graduations,
  • Corporate events,
  • Retail store launches, and
  • So much more

Anytime quick and easy social engagement via Twitter and Instagram is a priority, you should consider setting up a BrandRocket kiosk.

In essence, your social media marketing campaign through Instabooth could start working for you in just a week or so, while you build a larger content marketing campaign with powerful blogs, videos and other strategies.

Developed by regional photography, animation, engineering and production expert, Stu Shapiro, the founding company BrandRocket is a marketing idea that’s ahead of its time, yet perfectly poised to work for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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