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Our Greenpop Social responsibility

Here at Instabooth, we recognize that we use a lot of printer paper in our effort to help make your event memorable. Because of that, we have decided to do our part to help replenish what we use. For the past two years, through our South African Social Responsibility Program, we have partnered with a wonderful organization, Greenpop.org to plant trees each month to help offset our paper use.

You and your new spouse have just celebrated your dream wedding surrounded by all of your friends and family. You know that most of your guests were snapping away all day using the camera on their cell phones and you are wondering if you will ever get to see all of those fantastic memories. If you were to have an Instabooth hashtag printer at your event you would be able to enjoy those memories that same day and for years to come. 

Using our Whatsapp and hashtag photo booth is a great way to share those memories with your guests. Your wedding guests capture the moments throughout the day with their cell phones and then upload them to their choice of social media app using your event-specific hashtag. Our printer then recognizes that hashtag and prints the photo for you instantly there at your event. 

Greenpop.org is an organization dedicated to planting trees in South Africa. Trees provide more than just the paper that we use in our company but they provide life-sustaining oxygen, food, and shade for communities. Without trees, humanity would be in serious trouble.

As our company continues to grow we will continue to plant more trees each month. This way future generations will have a healthy planet in which to enjoy the photos from your event.

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