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Hashtag for your wedding ?

Choosing a hashtag for your wedding is certainly a modern concept, but it’s a cool one. With BrandRocket’s social printing kiosk, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got a great hashtag for your wedding so the guests can get their amazing polaroid photos from the event. Here are some tips on choosing your hashtag:

Make it unique.

While something like #harriswedding2016 will get straight to the point, you might want to make sure you’re not the only ones using the hashtag. The kiosk is automated and you don’t want your screen clogged with photos from someone else’s wedding or event. Keep an eye on the tag you’ve chosen to ensure you’ll have it all to yourself on the wedding day.

Keep it simple.

This one is a little challenging with the first one at play, but you do want your guests to remember the tag and spell it correctly. #brandonandkatiearefinallygettingmarried might be a little too long and complicated for your guests. #brandonandkatiewedding is shorter and still unique enough to have it all to yourself.

Have fun.

Does your wedding have a theme? Do you have a cute meet-up story about how you both love the same thing? Do your names smush together in a way that’s so cute your friends are cringing? Any of these things can become your wedding hashtag. #alohaharriswedding or #kandonwedding are fun, unique tags that won’t be too hard for your guests to remember.

Once you’ve chosen a hashtag, you’re good to go. The BrandRocket kiosk will pull up all the photos your guests posts with the hashtag and print out any images they choose. Everyone will have a memorable photo from the event and you’ll have a hashtag you can pop into in a few years to relive the joy. Contact us now to reserve your printer!

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