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Why Hashtag Printing Is Perfect For Your Bar Mitzvah

A bar mitzvah is an important point in any young Jewish man’s life, and it is important to take photos to capture that excitement. One way you can memorialize a bar mitzvah forever is through the use of hashtag printing. What is this process and how can it benefit you?

Hashtag Printing Is Simple

The process of hashtag printing includes setting up a photo printer at your bar mitzvah that can be used to print photos off of cell phones. However, hashtag printing actually lets you print a photo using a hashtag quickly. For example, your guests could simply select the hashtag, select the photo which they have tagged with it, and print it out.

An Inexpensive Option

This simple printing option is relatively inexpensive compared to other options and easy to set up. A specialist will come to your bar mitzvah, find a place with a central location, and put up the printer. You will get a staff member there during the event to help with printing. You also get free internet connection and unlimited prints.

The Benefits Of This Approach

Beyond the price, hashtag printing is a great option because it gives your bar mitzvah guests instant access to their photos. It’s a simple and elegant method of printing photos that avoids the stress of messing around with social media, forgetting your login details, and fighting with a phone that doesn’t want to connect to the internet.

If hashtag printing sounds like something that your bar mitzvah could use, please contact us today. Our experts will come to your event and set up the printer and teach you how to use it. It can’t get any simpler than that!

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