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lipton photo booth

Lipton photo booth at Shimmy Beach Club

If the buzz on social-media is anything to go by, then you missed quite the party this past weekend. The music was bumping and everyone’s spirits were keeping to the beat. Except it wasn’t a spirits’ party; you had to be there to believe it, it was a tea party! That’s right, Lipton took to the Shimmy Beach Club and hosted an early summer party that saw huge crowds pull in. The Lipton Photo booth printing by Instabooth. 

The music was so varied and the notes hit just the right spot to keep everybody’s head bobbing long after the final bass dropped. The FOMO was strong, as passers-by who had never planned on it, found themselves partying the afternoon and night away. Of course BrandRocket was there, what’s a party without the MiniRocket photo booth?!

BrandRocket is a leading pioneer in the Hashtag Printing industry, and the first in the world to offer WhatsApp printing. The Lipton photo booth was spitting out Polaroid after high-quality Polaroid to the delight of the revellers who couldn’t stop taking photos on their smart-phones. All they had to do was upload their pictures on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LiptonTroom or WhatsApp, and they could print out as many branded pics as they wanted.

The party started around 2pm and lasted through the night until about 1am, with every attendant feeling the vibe, especially the VIPs and prize-winners. Lipton stays winning, and BrandRocket is proud to have been working with them over the last three months.


Photo Credit: Insta daphne_Hebb

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