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Matric Dance Photo Booth – Parel Vallei High School

Nostalgia is often fuelled by some of the more momentous events in one’s life. Firsts of any sort and those grand memories shared with friends and family. For the longest time the matric ball or matric dance has been the highlight of teenage life for countless people through the years. Although not everyone chooses to go, the moment still has a special place in the hearts of all, and the memories that come with it are often cherished for a life-time.

The youngsters at Parel Vallei High School finally got to enjoy the moments they had been waiting for since they came into high school. The class of 2017 got to step out in style, each in an expression of how they saw themselves, as the evening seemed to welcome them with a warmth that said, “You’re finally here!” The memories that were to be forever engraved in their minds and hearts were given the setting of the already timeless Narnia, memories that would be captured and immortalized by BrandRocket’s matric dance Photo Booth.

Yes, South Africa’s first Whatsapp and Hashtag printing company was there to ensure that those precious memories didn’t fade away with the rising sun. Indeed the nostalgic potential of it all was at its peak in the cheerful, pocket-sized, high-quality polaroid photos produced by the beautifully designed event photo booth named, The miniRocket. The night’s revellers couldn’t wait to engage with the mechanic and all they had to do to get their pictures was to snap a photo with their phones, upload them on to social media using the event’s hashtag; #PVMB, and print photos at the touch of a screen.

The night was as fetching as the suits and dresses that occupied it, the music and sounds of laughter competing to draw our ears as all things sparkled and camera-phones flashed, the MiniRocket photo booth keeping up, adding its own panache to the affair; delivering print after joyful print.

As the night drew to a close , the Halls of Parel Vallei High reverberated with the sounds of yet another successful matric ball. BrandRocket and Instabooth were glad to have been invited to share in such unbridled happiness and be a witness to the eyes that will look back with wonder at the euphoria on those faces, decades from now.

Servicing nationally in South Africa, the Instagram and Whatsapp photo booth is for hire at cost effective rates with unlimited printing. Making it South Africa’s most innovative and cost effective photo booth for hire. 

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