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Mini-Rocket took every page out of the Ferrari Book

If there is one thing that Ferrari has taught the world, it is that to be the best you must be the fastest while looking unbelievably good. BrandRocket’s Mini-Rocket took every page out of the Ferrari book, producing the highest quality polaroid photos that boast sophistication and class, all while being fun, fast and a pleasure to look at.

Ferrari; leaders on the race-track and in the design of beautiful vehicles, was hosting a launch for their new showroom on Dock Road in Cape Town. It’s only fitting that they should invite the most sophisticated of connoisseurs to revel with them. On the guest list; helping to capture the auspicious event, was BrandRocket’s sleek and beautiful Mini-Rocket Photo-Booth. Both adding to the aesthetics of the occasion and acting as the Photo-Booth of the day, the Mini-Rocket drew its fair share of eyes.

BrandRocket is a pioneer in the Photo-booth industry, being the first to allow guests to print high-quality, branded, polaroid photos directly from their own cell-phones, using Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp. The BrandRocket Mini-Rocket is a Photo-booth with a difference, being no larger than a video-game console, and just as light, it boasts major portability. Its sleek design is inspired by the forward-thinking of its creator, with an appearance worth capturing. BrandRocket’s Mini-Rocket Photo-booth is a further addition to their world-class Hashtag-printing and WhatsApp-printing offering.

The event was in full swing, a 70-strong guest-list of the most prestigious, flirting with the beauty that can only come out of a Ferrari design room. The guests were only too happy to share their Ferrari experience with the rest of the world and friends, receiving a free Ferrari-branded photo for every upload using Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. The hashtag of the day was #812superfastcpt in honour of the glorious creature that was due to be unveiled.

The suspense was indeed building, as the owner of the Ferrari Showroom regaled the rapt audience of the wealthiest movers and shakers, with stories of Ferrari’s beginnings and growth, and the moments that had led to this Cape Town unveiling. The uploads were coming in at a speed worthy of the tracks and BrandRocket’s Mini-Rocket Photo-Booth was keeping up turn for turn, producing the highest quality photos that didn’t miss any of the beauty on display.

Ferrari is known for its bold yellows, reds and blacks, but no one could have been prepared for the astounding beauty that the 812 Superfast proved to be. Each contour of the car being more defined with every flash of a camera. Its unveiling was the perfect crescendo to a splendid night of networking and revelling in beauty. A night that BrandRocket is proud to have been a part of.

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