Partnership programme

Instabooth / Partnership programme

BrandRocket, a leading pioneer in the Hashtag-Printing industry is looking to expand its focus and give back. Having seen success in the field of Photography, Engineering and Marketing, the CEO Stuart Shapiro found a way to uncannily combine all three in what has become the BrandRocket and Mini-Rocket photo-booth company. Both concepts are proudly South African and are manufactured, developed and software engineered here, in South Africa. Beyond their being easy on the eye, the devices offer Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp printing. The WhatsApp functionality is the first of its kind in the world and a great way to capture the global market one locale at a time. This combination of skill, experience and a knack for technology have allowed Stuart to turn his initiative into striving social-media marketing business.

BrandRocket is looking to partner with upcoming business people, young entrepreneurs, professional photographers looking to enhance their businesses and wedding/events specialists, with a view to assist in the growth of their businesses.

Brandrocket is prepared to loan the Mini-Rocket to these categories of people, to use as often as they need or want, while setting their own market-friendly mark-ups to help establish themselves and increase their revenue streams. The Mini-Rockets would be left in their possession to operate for the benefit of their businesses, while only paying a nominal per usage fee.

Do you have a desire to become an entrepreneur, but lack the platform to get started? Do you have an idea but are not sure of the first step to take? Well then, this offer is also for you. BrandRocket is willing to mentor you and provide you with the tools you need to get started as part of their outreach programme.

If this offer is something that interests you, simply dial Stuart Shapiro directly and take your first step: (+27)110838331.