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TheInstabooth Wedding photo booth

Photographs help you and your guests remember your wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated moments in your life. It’s one of a handful of big days that you want to be sure to remember. For this reason, most couples opt to hire a professional photographer to capture their ceremony and reception, as well as pre-wedding preparation, etc.

While it is essential that you have a photographer on hand to capture those moments, some of the best moments on your wedding day are captured by amateurs. Your guests, your family and even you will take some of the most candid, surprising and heartwarming photos at your wedding. 

While your photographer is taking your formal bridal party photos after the ceremony, your friends and family are mingling, laughing, crying and catching up. Smart phones are out as friends snap group selfies and capture photos of nieces, nephews and other family.


The sad part is that these photos may never reach you! They often stay on the phone where they are forgotten about or even deleted!

Instabooth Is The Solution

Why not remember every moment of your wedding? Instabooth is a photo booth, it allows you and your guests to save and print photos as the day unfolds. Using familiar apps: Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, your guests simply hashtag photos with your unique wedding hashtag and the photos instantly print in a high-quality image right there at the wedding.

Not only does this make sense, it makes memories! Guests will enjoy printing out photos and you will enjoy that all photos taken at your wedding are in one place. You can get creative with Instabooth by creating a scrapbook for your guests to sign as they snap pictures and instantly place them in the book. You can use props if you wish, or create a special “portrait” background for guests to take more formal photos of each other. The possibilities are endless, and at the end of the day you’ll have access to all the shots taken that were tagged with your wedding hashtag.

If you wish your photos to be private, you can use Whatsapp instead of Instagram or Twitter. The choice is yours

If you would like more information about Instabooth for your wedding or other special occasion, contact us below.

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