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Smith’s Review

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Weddings are such a joyous occasion, lots of smiling, laughter and above all love. We have done many wedding activations, but the wedding of Mr and Mrs Smith in Durban, KZN, this past weekend was one to remember.

Our Instabooth mechanic played a big part on this special day. How it differs from a generic wedding Photo Booth is that it is personal and your guests capture moments that aren’t posed, it creates a more intimate feel.

It works on a specific hashtag, we used #smitheverafter this weekend.

We have just developed the worlds first WhatsApp printing system in partnership with BrandRocket, which was very well received over the weekend.

This is purely because not all people have social media, it then allows for those guests to still interact and be able to have the full Hashtag and whatsapp photo booth printing experience.

They chose to have a very plan branding at the bottom of their photo print outs, the plainer the better as then it doesn’t take away from the actual image.For The smith wedding they chose to have Joanne & Mike and a detailed heart next to it, it also gives it more of a Polaroid feel.

We wish Joanne and Mike Smith a happy and healthy life together, the adventure has just begun! 

Thank you for choosing Instabooth to be a part of the beginning of your forever.


June 9, 2016




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