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Kimmy & Grant’s Review

My recent wedding in Cape Town was marvelous, particularly the use of Instabooth. With hassle-free booking and a simple operation process, my husband and I were so glad we call them! Here’s a few things to consider if you want to try it out.

How Was The Setup?

The setup for Instabooth couldn’t have been easier. Olivia came to our wedding and set up our booth. Then she stuck around and showed our guests how to use it. My husband, Grant, was in love with this option because he and his buddies could take stupid pictures and goof off during the reception. I loved it because I could get some classier shots while he had fun.

How Does It Work?

Instabooth couldn’t be easier to use. After Olivia set it up for us and explained how to use it, I was taking photos on my phone and printing them out almost immediately. In fact, I think it became everybody’s favorite wedding reception activity.

Basically, you take photos, hashtag them, and send them to the onsite printer. Then, it will print small photos which you can hand out. My mom loved this because she could get a feel for how my wedding photos were going to turn out before seeing them in real life.

I really think that Instabooth is a great choice for destination weddings. They provide one of the coolest and most reliable photo experiences in the world. You should get a hold of them to set up a free meeting and discussion on installation. Make sure to ask for Olivia: she rocks!

Love you guys,
Kimmy & Grant


June 9, 2016