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Sarah’s Review

Hi, my name is Sarah and I decided to write a review of instabooth because I had so many of my friends asking me if it was worth it for my wedding. Absolutely! My husband and I decided to have a destination wedding in Cape Town, South Africa. We were eloping because we wanted to do things our own way, though we did bring along a wedding party and our families to check it out with us.

Our wedding was held on a wine farm, one which had a gorgeous view of the ocean, and it was more than worth the money we spent. One thing that intrigued both my hubby and I was the possibility of using instant photos and hashtag printing. We’d heard about it before and wondered if it was worth the money.

So we called instabooth and were able to get a free quote from Olivia. Right off the bat, she was really awesome. Beyond just being friendly and excited about our wedding, she was willing to meet with us in person to talk about the photo booth. It would be a simple printer that she would show us how to use. During the wedding, she would hang around and help our guests if needed.

As a result, our guests were able to get fun pictures of the wedding right away, without having to wait to get them developed! One really fun thing we were able to do was create a flip book of the cake serving ceremony. My friend Jenny turned her phone to “action,” took multiple pictures, printed them out, and stapled them together.

We handed these little booklets out to our guests to give them a funny bit of memorabilia. When they flipped the photos, they’d see a roughly animated version of me smashing my husband’s face with cake! Everybody got a real kick out of it. Even Olivia had to laugh.

So if you’re looking for a great way to get inexpensive photos at your wedding site, I suggest instabooth. Call them up and make sure to ask for Olivia. She really was the best!


June 9, 2016