The Revolution of the Photo Booth

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The Revolution of the Photo Booth

When was the last time you stepped in a photo booth to take a picture? Photo booths have evolved over the years. First, it was a photo booth that was immobile. It took photos and printed them in passport-like size. Then it became a photo booth that was mobile. It still used the same concept. Now you have the world’s first Whatsapp photo booth. You can send photos via Whatsapp to the booth for printing.


What is the Whatsapp Photo Booth?


This photo booth is the newest trend for events. You can get a cheap photo booth for hire for your wedding or birthday party. Additionally, it also caters to other events. These include holiday-themed and corporate parties. The Whatsapp booth provides more options other than using hashtag printing. You do not have to share your data with the photo booth. You can also access the photo booth’s data in case you have run out. It is a notch higher than the Instagram photo booth.  Instabooth have definitely created a trendy and more reliable photo booth.


Advantages of the Whatsapp Photo Booth


The world’s first Whatsapp photo booth comes with many benefits. These include:

  • Portability: The Whatsapp photo booth is small enough to carry. It can be used in different settings. You do not have to worry about getting it onto a lift. It is compact.
  • Easy connectivity: The photo booth easily connects to the internet. You do not need to share your internet. Neither do you need data as you can use the photo booth’s connection. Whatsapp is one of the most popular platforms. It is therefore easier and convenient to print photos from this application.
  • High print quality: This photo booth can be used for wedding ideas. This is because it prints high-quality photos on good paper. If you are using the hashtag printer, you can also print a limitless number of photos. The last photo printed will be from the last man standing.


Another benefit of the photo booth involves access. You can get most, if not all of the photos from your event. To top it all off, the photo booth is a fun addition. Your guests will have a lot of fun queuing to capture these precious moments.


The Future of Photo Booths


Instabooth has revolutionized the traditional photo booth. For a while now, a great photo booth included good lighting. This was then complemented by a good backdrop and props. Instabooth has gone a step further. Now you can connect with your social networks on the photo booth. Additionally, you have an easier connectivity option – Whatsapp. You can bring your photos to life in a matter of seconds. This is the future of photo booths.


If you are looking for a cheap photo booth for hire, look to Instabooth. You have a number of options. This is because of the different packages on offer. These photo booths are programmed in South Africa and are available for hire on request.


June 9, 2016