Instabooth / Product

“…a photo booth that changed event printing, forever.”

Send photos from your cellphone to our photo booth!

Simply send unlimited photos directly to our photo booth with Whatsapp. Or, create a #hashtag for your event and send photos via tagging on Instagram. It’s the future of photo booth printing and sharing.

Our machines offer unlimited sharing.

Imagine sharing 100+ photos instantly to our photo booth from every cellphone at your event. It’s as simple as sending pictures to friends on Whatsapp. Enjoy your night, don’t wait in queues and collect your prints throughout the evening.

Our polaroids are classy.

Unique in size, with your logo, high quality paper and no visible Instabooth branding.

Our service is one of a kind.

Any cellphone at your event will be able to print your guests’ experiences directly using Whatsapp or Instagram.

If printing through Instagram isn’t your thing,  Whatsapp offers a unique way to keep your event private.

We are the only company in Africa that offers this amazing photo booth experience.