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The Smiffin Wedding photo booth

Rolling mountain ranges form the frame and backdrop to an intensely enchanting and indeed mesmerising picture of the greenest fields occupied by vineyards and trees and houses that have seen the centuries but haven’t aged a single day. The walls to these buildings are sparkling white, as if washed by the dazzling sun. The leaves on every tree hang heavy with green life. The air is thick with the flutter of winged creatures and birds and incessant, joyous chatter. At length the sun spills his gold across the lawns and hills in his evening valediction, and all bathe in it, basking in the glorious sunset.

The evening couldn’t be better. The day says a joyful goodbye; giving way to a cool evening, for it knows that when it rises again, some lives will have changed forever. Some of those lives are Warren’s and Michaela’s, and their lives are about to be transfigured and united into a union that will better both and bring unmatched jubilation. W and M are about to get their forever and the setting couldn’t be better.

Vrede en Lust wine estate is about to bear witness to the matrimony of a beautiful pair of people, and on the list of guests is none other than BrandRocket. The MiniRocket wedding photo booth seems to dance in the evening light as the last rays play across its sleek contours. The other guests are already complying with the photo booths request, taking picture after picture of the auspicious beginning and uploading on to social media using the hashtag, #TheSmiffinWedding. And what a wedding it is! For every picture uploaded the MiniRocket produces limitless polaroid prints to ensure that though the days may age, the memories of this day will stay new and young forever.

W and M smile, the veil is lifted and they look into each other’s eyes. Lost in their gaze the flash of a camera-phone finds them. Flash! “You may kiss the bride.” Flash!

The moment they have dreamt of forever is finally here and thanks to the MiniRocket’s high-quality polaroid photo booth, it will forever be here. BrandRocket is the first in the world to offer High-quality Whatsapp and Hashtag printing in the timeless polaroid format for hire in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and london.

The applause is thunderous, the joy unbound, a tear winks at the eye of the bride’s eye and the passage is complete, the day won. Congratulations to the new bride and groom, and many thanks from instaBooth for the opportunity to be part of the occasion!!

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