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Wedding Planners Can Now Capture Every Candid Shot

A wedding is one of the biggest, most eloquent events of your lifetime. No wonder many people choose to hire wedding planners to make sure their special day is as perfect as humanly possible. For centuries wedding planning has been the height of organizational brilliance, ensuring not only that each centerpiece and catered plate is in place, but that everyone is deliriously happy throughout the event. Naturally, this is a task that requires a lot of precise planning, but what about planning for the unexpected? It’s one thing to have extra chairs and tables available for surprise add-ons, but how can you plan to catch every candid karaoke and impromptu dance?

Instabooth has the answer. By booking our service for a small, all-inclusive cost, you can immortalize every candid cell phone photo into an infinite number of physical photographs. We have cleverly connected the services of Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp to allow any phone at the event to send photos to our local printer set up at your event. Our beautiful prints will show the best, funniest and most touching moments of every wedding, leaving your photographer free to take all the usual portraits and group shots.

Here are a few suggestions on how to use this great service:

  • Included in the bride’s wedding photo album and scrapbook
  • Personalized additions to the gift bags
  • Distributed as wonderful souvenirs
  • Sent as surprise inserts in thank you cards for wedding gifts

If you’re planning a wedding in South Africa, don’t miss a single candid moment. Contact us to book our mobile device photo printing service soon.

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