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WWF Open Streets                                          

The negative impact we have on the world and environment as human beings has increased drastically over the last two centuries. From the burning coals of the industrial revolution, to the emissions of high powered muscle cars to the advent of the effects of global warming and climate change, the planet; left in our hands, has gone quite through an ordeal.

Much has been done to abate these harmful effects, but a total reversal and restoration is easier said than done. WWF has taken on the initiative to raise awareness on the dangers of increased carbon emissions and is teaching people about better alternatives that pose no threat to the environment.

WWF took to the streets of the Grand Parade in Cape Town, hosting the #Walkthetalk Open Streets 2017 event, where members of the public were invited to join in the activities that promote a better lifestyle and environment. Open Streets is an exciting program that encourages people to use other modes of transport to decrease their carbon emissions. Members of the public were encouraged to cycle, skate, walk run or even take public transport to decrease their carbon emissions.

brandRocket was there, playing an active role in reminding people to #Walkthetalk. We are a leader in the event Hashtag printing industry and the first to introduce WhatsApp printing to our photo booth, to give access to all social media users the world over. To receive their free high-quality, pocket-sized polaroids, the crowd that exceeded 400 people simply had to snap a photo on any camera-phone, upload it on to Instagram or twitter using the hashtag #Walkthetalk, or Whatsapp, select the picture on our beautiful MiniRocket and print, that simple!

The day was won and a greater number of people took to the initiative of less is better. The less carbon emissions, the better for our environment.

BrandRocket is proud to have been a part of such a beneficial and relevant cause, and looks forward to working with WWF again in the future. We are glad to have seen so many people come out to support such an environmentally healthy initiative. In our own right, we are aiming for a 0% carbon emission on our photo booth production to make it the worlds most eco friendly built photo booth. Our partners at I am Green are aiding us in using recyclable material as much as possible for the Worlds first Whatsapp photo booth. Locally based, in Cape Town, we support SME’s in all devisions of our outsourcing. 


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